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What Can We Do For You?

Here at Atspec, we use specialised test equipment to perform all tests.

This ensures all required tests are performed correctly, and also ensures our staff are notified when the results are outside the safety limits.

All test equipment is independently calibrated on an annual basis. Calibration sheets are filed to provide a record of the tested device's accuracy.


Record results

We record all our results electronically. This provides evidence of the condition of the appliance at the time of testing and informs our clients to the condition of their assets.


Data Access Portal

We have implemented a neat feature to provide testing data to our customers, whenever they need it.

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Scheduled Testing

We'll take care of making sure that your assets are up to date when they need to be retested. Let us do what we do best. No fuss, no worries.


Test Residual Current Devices (RCD)

RCD's are now a common device used to protect against electric shock in the case of an incident.

Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world, so just like any other device, these too can not work as intended. Because of this, regular testing is carried out to ensure they provide the protection you expect.


Test electrical appliances

Due to regular use in various environments, and the way many portable electrical appliances are treated and stored - their integrity can deteriorate to a point where they are unsafe to use.

Regular testing is a requirement to ensure they are maintained in an electrically safe state.


Repair Faults

We will perform repairs to the flex, plug, and socket, but we believe that it's more cost effective for our clients that any repairs to the actual appliance be performed by the manufactures' agent.


On Site Testing

Testing is performed on site to ensure minimal disruption to the clients' duties.


Work with Electricians

As we specialize in appliance testing we are able to offer a supporting service to electrician's without encroach on their business.