Data Access Portal

Your data - whenever you need it

We provide an asset register, which allows you to manage your information through an online portal to your testing data.

All of your records are available, so you can view a full history of your assets.

Our asset register provides a variety of uses for our clients such as:

  • A list of all company assets, including information such as:

    • Asset Location

    • History of repairs

    • Identification data (in case of loss or theft), including make, model, and serial numbers

  • Test results for each asset, allowing you to view when the asset was last tested, and when retesting is due

  • A fully featured reporting system


Our Reporting Solution

Reports are provided to our clients identifying:

  • Test results

  • Date of testing

  • Date due for re-testing

  • Assets tested

  • Assets not found

  • Repairs made

  • Tags