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We are an Electrical company, the best in IN-SERVICE SAFETY INSPECTION and TESTING of electrical appliances and RCDs (Residual Current Devices).
We've got years of experience, libraries of documents and procedures, and cutting edge technology systems.

And we are good at what we do.


We know how to make your workplace SAFE.

All testing is carried out to AS/NZS3760: 2003 (The standard for In-Service Safety Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment).
Our test technicians are competent in all aspects of the standard and the test equipment we use.

We use a Portable Appliance Tester or commonly referred to as a PAT to record details of your appliances and carry out the test.


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The Facts about Appliance Testing

What is appliance testing?

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Appliance testing is a practical means to ensuring your electrical appliances are safe for use. When performed in compliance with the appropriate standards, it is recognised as taking practical steps in meeting legislative requirements.

Is Appliance Testing mandatory?

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The OSH and Electricity acts both identify the requirement to take all practical steps to maintain electrical appliances so that they are safe for use. Electrical appliances have the earth conductor and/or the insulation as safety factors to prevent electrical shock. The integrity of both these safety factors cannot be proven without performing electrical tests.

Who needs to test?

Any business or organisation, which has electrical appliances.
This includes, but is not limited to, the building, construction, and manufacturing industries. Schools, offices, motels, hotels, retail, hire, patient care, fairs, 

What is the cost?

Cost is directly proportional to risk.
The risk is dependent on the number of electrical appliances and the environments within they are used. As the environment determines the frequency of testing,

Cost = number of assets * frequency.

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Does appliance testing alone meet all practical steps?

A reputable testing company will provide assistance in meeting all practical steps at minimal or no extra charge.

Who can perform appliance testing?

Any person deemed competent.
Although any competent person can perform testing, to ensure you are getting value from their service query the individual or business on the systems supporting their testing, experience in the electrical industry, and their understanding of the accepted standards. As a test is a snap shot in time, if an incident occurs you need to ensure their systems will support you against prosecution or you may be wasting your money.

Can a business perform their own testing?

If a business employs a person deemed competent they can perform their own testing. When considering the costs of test equipment, software, software updates, monitoring changes to legislation and standards, maintaining procedures, internal labour, training, and scheduling this is not always financially viable. Businesses also often find the internal resource used to perform appliance testing is not available when required, and/or when appliance testing is due they need to familiarise themselves with the standards, procedures, and test equipment.